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VIP List: 5 Daily Wild Mediterranean Rituals For Optimal Digestive Health

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The Next Microbiome Frontier is Your Skin

Part One: Skin Detox After years of swimming in chlorine, my skin desperately needed a break. If you’ve read my story, you know a bit about my history with gut issues as a competitive swimmer in the late 90’s, when very little information was available on digestive health. It wasn’t just my gut that was affected. …

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New Year, New You; Same Old Microbiome

It is the dawn of the era of the microbial ally, an age I’ve been trying to usher to the forefront since 2006.  No longer are people reacting to the thought of their own personal bacteria with aversion, rather, researchers and laymen alike are realizing those critters can be our friends—and the key to good health. …

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Is the Fountain of Youth Found in Your Gut?

Everyday the science community finds surprising new ways our gut microbiome— once considered the ‘forgotten organ’—contributes to our overall health. Mental well-being, fertility, heightened sports performance, fighting degenerative diseases, and now even our appearance—these are just a few of the areas in which a healthy microbiome can really make a positive difference in our lives. Scientists …

Growing Wine the Age-Old Way

Call me brilliant — I’ve found a way to drink a couple glasses of wine and still feel great the following day. A handful of years ago, I tasted my first sip of a dry-farmed wine from the Mediterranean without even knowing anything about its growing methods. Not only was the taste a palate-pleaser, the day …