13 Health Gimmicks You Can Stop Wasting Money On


No matter how many times we’re told otherwise, Americans’ obsession with get-healthy-quick schemes will likely never die.   Too bad most of these fads aren’t worth their weight in salt – or your hard-earned dollars.  We’ve put together a list of some of the worst budget-sucking health trends that still persist today.

Acai Berries


 There are literally no clinical studies that support claims that antioxidants in Acai berries will make you live longer, help you fly, smooth your crow’s feet or anything else.

“We’ve had waves of costly ‘super juices’ in the marketplace that were nothing more than fruit juice,” says clinical nutritionist Stella Metsovas. “Testing chemical properties in a laboratory is completely different once the product is pasteurized. There is no possibility of processing a super-fruit to compete with the natural form (i.e.: a handful of berries).”

The Acai berry’s popularity in the U.S. spawned a new wave of consumer scams involving “free trial offers” for smoothies, juices and other products. (See: “Free Trials” Aren’t Always Free, Miracle Health Claims: Add a Dose of Skepticism, and Weight Loss Promises, by the FTC).


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